Thursday, 17 November 2016


President Barack Obama still has more than two months left in office, but the tributes are already pouring in.

The program, “Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration” on BET Tuesday night, prompted thousands of people to tweet their gratitude and caused #ThankYouObama to trend.

Steve Hirsch


Nov 15

Obama's "legacy" ended when America spoke and elected Trump instead of his protégé (Hillary). We wanted change and we got it. #ThankYouObama
Carrie ❤️America🇺🇸


#ThankYouObama: for helping America realize it was time to elect Donald J. Trump as president.


#ThankYouObama for reducing unemployment, saving GM, providing health care, recovering the economy, killing Bin Laden, and bringing hope.



8 years. No scandals. No mistresses. No impeachment hearings. Just class and grace till the end. I sure am going to miss 

#ThankYouObama is giving everyone the feels. Catch up with some of the performances…


#ThankYouObama for being the fire that ignited this movement of Common

Miss Nasty McEwin 📎


You gave us hope You gave us jobs You helped us buy our homes You gave us health insurance You gave us peace of mind

Our new fav song! 🎶 Love and happinesssss! 🎶#ThankYouObama

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